Are you a student looking to compete in collegiate eSports? A program seeking help recruiting the talent they need for their program? Interested in learning more about opportunities  Look No further.

There are 60+ schools (and growing), competing in eSports. To date, there are $9 M+ scholarships available to students competing in collegiate eSports. Many non-endemic brands are entering the space and investments are coming continuously and eSports grows exponentially.


Infographic: The Next Level/Source (James Kozachuk)

As eSports continues its growth, and more schools begin their programs, many schools will face a problem. What is the most efficient, cost effective means for me to recruit the best talent available in the space?

Forged Dawn.

As schools begin their programs, its become aware through my research and conversations that investment in these programs from Universities varies. Some programs are housed under athletic departments, and some under STEM programs (this creates an additional opportunity). It varies per program at this time.

Forged Dawn is creating a platform to assist universities, colleges, community college eSports programs locate and recruit talent that best fits their program.

For the student, our goal is to put you in the best possible position for recruitment, scholarship, competition and educational opportunity.

The platform is being built as we speak!

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